R-449A (Opteon XP40) Walk In Freezer - Electric Defrost - Problem 16

The advanced troubleshooting section allows you to diagnose equipment problems by measuring all major operating parameters. High and low side refrigeration gauges display operating pressures. A digital temperature meter allows measurement of refrigerant and air temperatures in several key locations. PT charts are provided for the refrigerant being utilized. Electrical measurements can be taken at any of the test points on the electrical schematic. This is your opportunity to apply all of the theory and diagnostic techniques taught in this e-book and troubleshoot problems with realistically portrayed equipment faults. Above is a screen shot of the advanced troubleshooting user interface. The key features are indicated with circled red numbers. The features are explained in detail below in the following list.
Note that you can click on the circled numbers to go directly to the corresponding explanation. You can also click on any of the the circled numbers by the explanations to return to the screen shot.

Progress Chart

The following chart keeps track of your progress through the troubleshooting boards. You can click on the board numbers to return to the last board that you were working on. This chart tracks the 4G boards. Click the 3G Button for the 3G Help Page and 3G Progress Chart and 3G boards. This feature is not active here however there are 11 boards accessible from the home page in the RBIII section.