RBIII  GFB  ACCB  and COMBO downloads for computers and tablets
Our Products can now be downloaded for PC, Mac, Android, iPad and Surface tablets. iPads require an offline reader download.
New styling and layout for tablet use with re-organized pages, larger buttons and touch friendly design.
Available on our order form. Click here to order.
After payment is verified you will be emailed a download link. After downloading, no Internet connection is required. Use anywhere directly from your tablet. Email address required to receive download link
Tablet Requirements:
Any Tablet 7" or greater
Minimum screen resolution tested: 1024 x 600, not usable on smart phones due to their small screen resolutions
Zip File Size
Extracted Size
97 MB
169 MB
127 MB
144 MB
190 MB
222 MB
404 MB
536 MB
If your OS doesn't have built in Zip extraction capability, extraction software will be required. Offline Pages Pro required for iPad.
Extraction and Offline Reader Software:
(extraction capabilty usually built in)
7-zip            (free)
(extraction capabilty usually built in)
If loading fails in Safari, use Google Chrome
Peazip        (free)
Androzip     (free)
Requires an iPad offline reader to download.
Offline Pages Pro
By Codium Labs LLC     (free)*
Requires iOS 6 or greater
(iPad 2 or greater)
 *Get Offline Pages Pro for free!
We pay for the Offline Pages Pro app. We've tried several of the free and $2 offline readers but they are unreliable and do not work consistently. The Offline Pages Pro app has worked reliably every time we have tested it. We have therefore reduced the price of all of our iPad products by $10 so that we are in effect paying for your offline reader. We offer no support for any other offline reader.
Test Before Purchasing
Before purchasing please use these test downloads to ensure that you are comfortable extracting zip files or downloading with an offline reader if you are using an iPad.
For iPad input this URL in your Offline Reader:                                  http://www.refrigerationbasics.com/ORD_Test/start.htm

For PC, Mac, Android and Surface, download this zip file test:             ziptest