Shipping Information

As you can see from the information below, shipping costs and transit times vary greatly depending on the option you choose. Shipping costs will be added to your credit card transaction at time of purchase. We do ship Internationally. Check the UPS Rates link below for international shipping costs. If you are interested in downloading our products note that although we are a Canadian company, our servers are located in the USA with direct access to major backbone carriers. We can therefore provide swift reliable downloads to world wide customers. You will only be limited by your own internet service speed.

Digital Download
Destination Rate Transit Time
Global       free "immediate"
First Class Mail
Destination Rate Transit Time
Canada       $3.12 (Canadian Dollars) "5 to 7 business days approx."
USA           $8.96 (Canadian Dollars) "4 to 10 business days approx."
International $9.96 to 76.56 (Canadian Dollars) "14+ business days approx."
UPS Courier
Shipping costs shown below are UPS Courier charges showing approximate costs in the continental USA or Canada for 1 CD-ROM shipped from Seaside Computing in Canada.
Shipping Option Rate (varies by zone) Transit Time
UPS Standard
USA & Canada ONLY
$30 and up. (Canadian Dollars) Typically 6 to 9 business days
UPS Worldwide Express Saver
USA & Canada & some international locations
$55 and up. (Canadian Dollars) Typically 2 to 3 business days
UPS Worldwide Express
Note: UPS World Wide Express is required for overseas courier service.
See the UPS link below or contact us for rates to your destination. See the UPS link below or contact us for delivery times to your destination.
You can confirm courier shipping costs and transit times to your destination from You will need to input the following Shipping Origin information as well as your destination data:

Shipping Origin
Country: Canada
City: Campbell River
Postal Code: V9W5Y8
Packaging: UPS Standard:                    "Your Packaging" (11" x 9")
UPS Express:                       "UPS Pak"
Package Weight: 1 Lb.