Random Troubleshooting Boards

If you have completed the previous 100 troubleshooting boards, that doesn't mean the diagnostic challenge is over. If you are ready for the biggest challenge yet, click the button below to randomly select a troubleshooting board. Note that there will be no "Help" nor "Hint" nor "Abbreviation" Buttons. You will not be able to recognize the fault board by the file title; they are all renamed to "Random Board" If you try to determine the file name you will discover that they have all been changed to unrecognizable binary numbers like 1001100. There will be neither technical discussions nor explanations if you submit a correct diagnosis. You will merely be informed whether your diagnosis is correct or incorrect. If you are wrong you will be sent to a new randomly selected board. You will be locked into full screen mode where there is no Back Button, so you will have no way to back track and make a second guess. The random boards section is similar to real life troubleshooting. You don't get to choose which machine breaks down next and you are expected to make correct diagnoses first time, every time. So be methodical and thorough. Troubleshooting should be fun, not exasperating. If you do poorly you need to retrace your steps and master the diagnostic skills that are explained in this book. Do have fun and I hope that you enjoy the challenge.