Troubleshooting Boards - clear, concise, Help File

When you are ready to try diagnosing system faults, the troubleshooting boards help file makes it easy to get started. Click the thumbnail graphic to the left to go to the Help Page.

Troubleshooting Boards - Lots of Faults to Diagnose

Lots of potential test instrument readings make it possible to include a wide variety of built in faults for you to diagnose. Click the thumbnail graphic to the left for a pop up of one of the many "Submit Your Diagnosis" pages.

Troubleshooting Boards - Fault Parameters Discussion

When you properly diagnose a fault in the troubleshooting boards in Refrigeration Basics III, you are presented with a chart which discusses why the operating parameters varied from normal conditions in such specific fashions. Click the thumbnail graphic to the left to go to a sample Discussion Page.

Colour Coded PT Chart Data Base

  • ARI GUIDELINE N-1995 colour assignments added to PT Charts
  • Locate Refrigerants by ASHRAE or Trade Name
  • Click the image to see the PT Chart Index

PT Chart pop up windows available in troubleshooting boards

Troubleshooting boards using standard gauges have buttons which open the PT Chart for the board being worked on. Click the image to see an example.

Random Boards Section

If you complete all 100 trouble shooting boards, that doesn't mean the troubleshooting challenge ends. The Random Board Section, as the name implies, selects boards at random. Each board is disguised with the same title; "Random Board", so you won't be able to recognize the fault by title. When you make a correct diagnosis, your pride and self accomplishment will be your only reward in the very challenging Random Board Section. Click the image to see the Random Troubleshooting Boards introduction page.

More Version III interactive troubleshooting board screen shots

Animated gauges show flutter and drift