iPad Offline Pages Pro Configuration

Offline Pages Pro for iPad must be configured properly in order to download our products and make them permanently available on your iPad when you are offline. By default the reader is set up to download a single web page. You must configure it to allow an unlimited download. The Offline Pages Pro download test at http://www.refrigerationbasics.com/ORD_Test/start.htm is an easy way to check that you have configured the reader properly. It's a small 3 level directory test which only takes moments to download. It is simpler to test the Offline Reader Pro configuration settings with this small test than it would be to download thousands of files and wonder if you got them all. The download test contains a known number of files. There are three files.They are located in three nested directories and each has a single graphic. It is wise to do the test download before you start downloading the full product because you get to become familiar with the Offline Reader Pro user interface. This page shows the exact configuration settngs that you must use to have a completely successful download with the full products.


1. Download Offline Pages Pro By Codium Labs LLC. Note that we have lowered our pricing by $10 for iPad downloads to compensate you for the expense of the offline reader.
2. Use the Offline Reader to go to the first page of our test download. As noted on that page, DO NOT Tap the "Next" arrow link yet. That's located at the bottom of the page.

3. Select the "Save Page" icon and configure as shown. Change the "Where" field from "Inbox" to "Saved Pages". On that same Menu there are two other Fields that need to be changed. The "Download Links" and "Advanced" Menus will both need to be configured.

4. Select the "Download Links" item to open it's menu and select "More" at the bottom of the list.

5. The "More" sub menu opens the "Download Links Custom" menu. Set the "Download" field and the "Maximum Depth" field to maximum. These settings allow the reader to download the entire product files. You are typically not going to want to use these settings for most web sites. Also enable "Other Subdomains"

6. Go back to the original "Save Page" menu and select "Advanced." Configure the "Advanced Menu" as shown. It is possible to use other browsers. For example if you have Chrome installed it will appear as a menu choice. You MUST select the "Use Website Rules" slider when downloading the full products or you will not download all of the images.

7. Return to the top level "Save Page" menu and click on the "Save 50000 Pages" button. Don't worry, none of our products contain 50,000 pages. This is just the maximum setting in the offline reader. It can only download what is there. The Combo product does contain several thousand pages but there is not much point in trying to dial in the exact number.

8. When you select the "Save 50000 Pages" button, a progress wheel will start rotating near the upper left of the window which indicates that downloading has started. It continues rotating until the download is complete and then disappears.

9. Use the above configuration settings exactly when downloading the full product files of RBIII, ACCB, GFB or the Combo.
10. To view the downloaded files after the progress wheel has disappeared, select the "Saved Pages" icon.

11. Here's a screenshot of RBIII downloaded to an iPad.