Zip is a compression format that allows multiple files to be combined and compressed into a smaller, single file. This decreases the time it takes to download files and software. A single zip file can contain hundreds or thousands of files. Zip files can be extracted and utilized on PC and Mac and Android tablets. Although it is possible to use the OS to extract a zip file, it is simpler to just use one of the many available compression/extraction applications. Many of them are even free.
ORD is not a format. It's our acronym for Offline Reader Download. iPad does not allow direct access to the file management system. So storing html files requires a different method. An Offline Reader is an application that is installed on the iPad and allows web site files to be downloaded and stored on the iPad. That's exactly what our products are. They are composed of web files such as html, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and graphics files like jpg, gif, png, gif89a and m4v. iPad works perfectly well with all of those types. The offline reader is simply used as a delivery method. The cost of the offline reader application is about $10 but the reduced cost of our iPad product more than covers it. The only one we support is Offline Pages Pro. We provide step by step instructions to ensure a proper and complete download of our interactive training products. We offer immediate email support should you have any questions.