Upgrade to the new 4G Refrigerant RBIII for $25

If you know your original invoice number, order an RBIII and just place it in the "Other Information" field in the order form. Example: 4G RBIII upgrade, original invoice number 1234. If you don't have a record of the invoice number that's not a problem. Email us at seaside@refrigerationbasics.com with any of the information that was in the original order. We will do a database search and forward your invoice number to you. Example:

Postal Code:
Email Address:

We don't necessarily need all of the above. Any information that provides a positive search result will work. Note that the order form will show the normal price. That's not an issue. The SSL form is merely a secure method of transferring your personal information. No credit card processing is done online. Once we receive your order we will process your order manually for the upgrade price of $25 Canadian.