Review Questions - Heat Pumps

Why is a heat pump more efficient than other types of heating systems?
What component swaps the function of the indoor and outdoor coils in a heat pump system?
How many metering devices does a heat pump have?
Which metering device is active during the heating mode?
Which coil is the condenser in the air conditioning mode?
Which coil is the evaporator in the heating mode?
What component do heat pumps have to help protect from liquid slugging?
What type of metering device can be used in lieu of a TXV and a check valve?
How does a heat pump get defrosted?
Why does a heat pump need an accumulator?
What makes the barrel in a 4 way reversing valve slide from one end of the valve to the other?
Name 2 main types of split system heat pumps.
Which is a more efficient system, an all electric heat pump or an add on to a fossil fuel furnace? Why?
What does COP stand for?
When are air source heat pumps most efficient?
Which is more efficient, an air source or a ground source heat pump?
How much condenser airflow is required by heat pumps?