Review Questions - Definitions

What is the English absolute temperature scale?
What is the Metric absolute temperature scale?
What is the Celsius scale also known as?
Is heat a quantitative measurement or a qualitative measurement?
The specific heat of water is one BTU, True or False?
Will a good thermal conductor have a high sensible heat or a low sensible heat?
How much heat would it take to raise the temperature of 10 gm of water one degree C?
Copper is a better thermal conductor than aluminium, which has a greater specific heat?
What is the formula for pressure?
What does PSI stand for?
Convert 0° Kelvin to °Rankine.
The specific heat of a substance is the same at all temperatures. True or False?
If a weight is imposed over a larger area it will exert a larger pressure. True or False?
There is one temperature which is identical in the Fahrenheit scale and the Celsius scale. What is it?
Which is a better thermal insulator, concrete or wood?
How much pressure would be exerted by a 3 LB weight over a 5 square inch area?
What are the English units that enthalpy uses?