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Refrigeration Basics Exam

Here's your chance to see how much of the material in this book you have grasped. There is no time limit for this test but it is not an open book test. (do not look at any reference material) When you complete all the answers click on the Submit Button at the end of the test and your score will be displayed in percentage. Don't despair if you do poorly the first time through. You will have learned what sorts of things you should know outright or be able to figure out with a little thought. You may find it interesting to do the test several times and watch your score improve over time as you learn more of the concepts and material in this book. Have fun.

1. What is the definition of refrigeration?
The addition of cooling
The removal of heat
The replacement of heat
The removal and relocation of heat

2. Name 3 main processes by which objects can become colder
Radiation, Conduction, Convection
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Absorption
Convection, Sublimation, Radiation
Evaporation, Condensation, Sublimation

98. Which of the following symptom sets could be from an system contaminated with non-condensables?
high: discharge temperature, superheat
low:  head pressure, suction pressure, subcooling
high: head pressure, suction pressure, subcooling, amperage draw
low:  discharge temperature, superheat
high: discharge temperature, suction pressure, superheat, subcooling, amperage draw
low:  head pressure
high: head pressure, discharge temperature, suction pressure, superheat, amperage draw
low:  subcooling

99. What could cause the following symptoms?
high: discharge temperature, superheat, subcooling
low:  head pressure, suction pressure, amperage draw
refrigerant overcharge
high side restriction
high evaporator airflow
low condensing ambient

100. If an equipment nameplate said the equipment uses dichlorodifluoromethane:
The equipment uses R-22
The equipment uses an HFC refrigerant
The equipment uses R-12
The equipment uses a PFC refrigerant

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