Review Piping

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1. Which of the following are approved for gas piping?
All of these materials are approved for gas use
Aluminum pipe
Galvanized steel pipe
Copper ACR

2. Appliance connectors may be used on:
Roof top package heating units
None of the these
Residential Gas furnaces

3. Gas piping must have welded joints if the pipe diameter is greater than:

4. Compared to a 7 "wc meter, a 2 PSIG meter will allow for use of:
Fewer drip pockets
Shorter piping runs
Smaller piping diameter
Larger piping diameter

5. Copper gas piping may be:
connected with compression fittings
Flared or brazed
None of the above are allowed

6. What gas piping components may be used inside concealed spaces?
Street elbows
None of the above

7. Where may gas piping be installed?
Stair wells
None of these locations
Concealed spaces

8. Which is true?
Identification banding must be placed on gas piping on the downstream side of any penetration through walls or ceilings
Gas piping in commercial and industrial buildings must be painted orange
Gas piping in residential buildings must be painted or identified with banding located no more than 10 feet apart.
Pipe dope must be certified for gas use

9. Dial gauges used for pressure testing gas piping systems must have a diameter and sensitivity of:
2" and 2 PSIG
3" and 2 PSIG
3" and 1 PSIG
2" and 1 PSIG

10. A 2 PSIG piping system under 200 feet in length must be pressure tested to the following specifications:
15 PSIG for 60 minutes
15 PSIG for 15 minutes
50 PSIG for 60 minutes
50 PSIG for 180 minutes

11. The remaining questions require you to calculate piping sizes. Use the layout and sizing chart provided to calculate each piping section.

Section A:
2 inches
1-1/2 inches
1-1/4 inches
2-1/2 inches

12. Section B:
2 inches
1-1/2 inches
1-1/4 inches
2-1/2 inches

13. Section C:
2 inches
1-1/2 inches
1-1/4 inches
2-1/2 inches

14. Section D:
1-1/4 inches
1-1/2 inches
2 inches
2-1/2 inches

15. Section E:
1-1/2 inches
1-1/4 inches
2 inches
2-1/2 inches

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