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1. A 2H2C thermostat can control:
A split heat pump system
A packaged heat pump system
A conventional system
All of the above

2. Which is true? A Fan switch on a subbase indicates that:
The T-Stat controls a Fossil Fuel system
The T-Stat controls a cooling system
The OFM can be controlled manually
None of the above

3. A mercury bulb T-Stat:
Senses temperature changes because the size of the mercury blob expands with a temperature increase
Works because temperature changes warp the bi-metal
Is a 2H1C control
None of the above

4. A 2H2C conventional system T-Stat:
All of these answers are correct except D
Can be used for 2H1C systems
Requires four stages of control
Requires 4 bulbs

5. Which is false?
A single mercury bulb can have 2 or 3 circuits
Multiple mercury bulbs can be mounted on the same bi-metal assembly
Mercury bulb T-Stats are more accurate than electronic T-Stats
None of the above are false

6. EM Heat mode is used when:
The OFM seizes
outdoor temperatures are very hot
energy savings are required
outdoor temperatures require defrosting of the outdoor coil

7. A remote T-Stat sensor is used for:
displaying the outdoor temperature
displaying the indoor temperature
FFT configurations
all of the above

8. According to the OEM, a programmable set back T-Stat should be set back no more than:
20 °F
10 °F
5 °F
2 °F

9. There are configurable T-Stats which can be configured for:
3 heat/1 cool heat pump (with AUX heat)
heat only (2-wire systems)
A and B are both true
A and B are both false

10. There are configurable T-Stats which can be configured for:
Military Time
Fossil Fuel T-Stat configuration
cool only
All of the above

11. Which system type requires the most control wires to the T-Stat?
2H1C Split Heat Pump
2H2C Conventional
2H2C Conventional
2H1C Packaged Heat Pump

12. Adaptive Intelligent Recovery:
occurs in the dead band when the T-Stat is between calls
is an energy efficient method for fossil fuel system set back recovery
is used for heat pump recovery
Is false heat generated to recover from overshoot

13. Which statement is true?
PCT is a type of T-Stat
PCT is a type of capacitor
PCT is an acronym for Positive Calculating Thermostat
none of the above

14. Which statement is false?
Some T-Stats with humidity sensors allow a 10 °F overshoot to enhance moisture removal
Some PCT's can be controlled by a remote computer
Volt meters cannot be used to troubleshoot digital signals
A PCT can report faults

15. Which terminals can be found on a electronic 2H2C Conventional T-Stat?
R, W, Y, O, G, C, W2
R, W, Y, G, C, Y2, W2
R, W, Y, G, C, I+, I-
R, W, Y, G, C, W2

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