The ACCB exam is your opportunity to see how well you understand the material in this e-book. There is no time limit for this test but it is not an open book test. (do not look at any reference material) When you complete all the answers click on the Submit Button at the end of the test and your score will be displayed in percentage. Your correct answers will receive a green check mark and your incorrect answers will receive a red X. This will assist you in determining areas where you require more study. Don't despair if you do poorly the first time through. You will have learned what sorts of things you should know outright or be able to figure out with a little thought. You may find it interesting to do the test several times and watch your score improve over time as you learn more of the concepts and material in this ebook. Have fun.

1. An ohm meter reveals that there is zero resistance between test points 1 and 2. One can therefore tell that this optional A17 component is:
not installed
The jumper is installed.
None of the above are correct.

2. The device in the center of the image is a:
time delay circuit board
over current device
a defrost board
None of the above are correct.

3. This image shows:
quantity three, 3 phase motors
one single phase and two 3 phase motors
two 3 phase motors and one CSIR motor
none of the above

98. Voltage is present at the load side of the K2 contacts. B2 is not operating. Which of the following is not a possible cause?
open internal O/L
burnt off connection at B2 terminals
open wiring
K10 faulty

99. If CB18 opens what will become inoperative?
L2, K2, B3, B21, B22
L2, K2, B2, B4, B5
L2, K2, B2, B21, B22
L2, K1, B2, B4, B5

100. The Exhaust Fans are controlled by:
The Solid State Enthalpy Control
The T-Stat Fan switch
none of the above

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